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[Comment] Multiple section markers and viewports

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I have a project whose model consists of 5 design layers (site, three floors, roof), all correctly registered in X,Y and Z. I have keyed in section viewports from the viewport of my ground floor *sheet* layer, in order to generate elevations, building sections, and wall sections. I then copied and pasted all my section markers from the ground plan annotation space to the annotation spaces of the second, third, and roof plans.

I've noticed that VW tracks all the instances of the section markers and "knows" that they are all referring to the same section. If I change the position or keyed number of one, that change reflected in all annotated instances. Pretty dang cool!

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The Auto Text Fill works well in telling ypou which sheet the Section has been placed on.

One issue I have with it though is there is no way of getting it to have only the sheet number - it takes on the complete sheet name. I like to give my sheets numbers (so they are in the correct chronological order) and names as well (so I know what is on each sheet). For example A 08 Office Sections A and B. If I then use Auto Text Fill I get all of the sheet name.

What I would like to be able to do is have just the sheet number. ie. A 08 (which is normal practice for cross referencing). Would it be possible in the next version to have the Sheet numbers separated from the Sheet name part so we can do this. Another alternative might be to have an option whereby you can truncate the Sheet cross reference to a specified number of characters (in my instance above I would need 4). The first alternative would be better though because it would always be correct.

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