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Edit rotated rectangle



It'd be great to be able to edit rotated rectangles's dimensions, directly in the OIP - not as it currently the case it's cartesian envelope. (edits then will turn a rectangular polygon into a rhombus.) It's counter intuitive.

Why, in fact does rotatiing a rectangle immediatedly turn it into a polygon at all?

Surely there is the convert to polygon command if you really want to do this?

Are I right in guessing that most users would prefer a rectangle to remain a rectangle?

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Great idea! Local coordinates for rectangles? Yes please!

If we wanted a rectangle to be a polygon we'd go to modify>convert to polygon, not modify>rotate. I don't expect a rotate command to alter the fundamental nature of an object.

Sketchup & 3dstudio let you do this, to mention a couple of apps. I suspect the extremely long awaited rotatable coordinate system will have to be implemented before this will be possible though.

Just how is the work going on the rotating coordinate system by the way NNA? Will it be in VW13, and when is the release date?

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I believe somebody wrote a script for this and posted it on the Vectordepot site if my memory serves me correctly. This followed a discussion on the VW list regarding this functionality.

Edit - After looking back through old emails it was something written by one of the list users and kindly offered free on his web site.


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I believe somebody wrote a script for this and posted it on the Vectordepot site if my memory serves me correctly. This followed a discussion on the VW list regarding this functionality.

Alan, someone wrote a script to modify the dimensions of a rotated rectangle by length and width? That seems doable.

On the other hand, what David's original post is asking for is, I, believe, not possible without rewriting a major core object definition in VW. That rotated rectangle must be a polygon (defined by 4 vertices, not by L and W plus rotation). I don't see creating a new object type (rotated rectangle defined by 2 points and angle), or redefining a rectangle from its presumed 2-point definition, as pragmatic. Perhaps NNA engineers see possibilities I don't.

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Perhaps NNA engineers see possibilities I don't.

Let's hope so.

Meanwhile: it is possible to edit a "rotated rectangle" with aid from constraints. One can grab the centre of an edge and move that "perpendicular", even tab to the coordinate entry bar or apply other constraints, such as "smart points" on "extensions" of "floating edges".

I have a Rotated Rectangle object, but I mainly use the polygon and methods as above.

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Hi David,

Until editing Rotated Rectangles is possible directly with VW, you can edit them in a rotated fashion with Reshaper 12.5.2. I am offering an evaluation copy of Reshaper 12 to those who would like to have access to editing objects in a more intuitive way. Rotated Rectangles are one of many features that Reshaper 12 provides that work more in accordance with the way we think about the things we draw.

There is no magic applied to Rotated Rectangles, aside from extensive analytical geometry. Once a Rectangle is rotated it becomes a Polygon in VW. Reshaper recognizes such Polygons (and Polylines) and treats them like the Rectangles you think you see. Change the length, width and rotation, anchored at any vertex, center of side or object center, directly through your keyboard. You can even use the Next Click option to interactively click the object into position.

If you would like to try an evaluation copy of Reshaper 12, please contact me offline at mullinrj@aol.com

All the best,


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Hi Petri,

I think you really should take a look at siriussolution.biz and get your self an evauation copy of Reshaper. I have sofar read three posts (see also the edit extrudes posts) from your hand bringing me to the conclusion you haven't seen it yet.

I'm using Reshaper all the time since Mr. Mullin introduced it for version 11. The number of objects it handles is steadily growing. So there is less and less need to use the, in my eyes, somewhat crippled Object Info Palette. I still have the OIP open, but I use as often as I can (about 90% of the time) Reshaper for editing.

Try it, you will like it, or, I'm sure of that, at least recognize and appreciate the enormous amount of skillful work behind it.

Have fun,


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