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WallAverageHeight worksheet function

Daryl Wood

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length(criteria) X Wallaverageheight...wall average height is kind of amusing as it is trying to calculate sloped walls..it can get pretty close but takes some pretty intricate math. I am going to see if there is a way to find the wall delta Z height x length that should work for non sloped walls.

C'mon NNA

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Hi Pete, I'm hoping your name is Pete. I have had success with the Length() field, although it returns inches and needs to be divided by 12 to get feet (I'm not aware of this little fact being stated anywhere in a help file or manual). I would like to return the data from the +/- Z field, I set my wall heights in that field. Any ideas on worksheet syntax?

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Right now there is no way to extract the wall height using any function or formula available from NNA due to the bug in the WALLAVERAGEHEIGHT, WALLAREA_GROSS and WALLAREA_NET functions.

There is a vectorscript function that sets the "Z" and "Delta Z" when a wall is placed but that data is not retrievable in a worksheet.

We will all need to wait on the Math Guru's at NNA to fix the bug.

Pete A.

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