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  1. I have a finished VW 2009 design file that giving me the following informational note when trying to use the window tool. In addition, all window data is missing. "A Plug-in Object parameter value is out-of-range due to inappropriate layer scale. Change the scale and try again." I have not change any design layer scales. Has anyone seen this? Regards,
  2. Thank you Michael, it seems to work ok in 2009. Regards,
  3. What is the best way to adjust the highlighted wall face to plane with the adjacent perpendicular wall, in 3D? Regards,
  4. Among other improvements needed, add the capability to show 2D hangers when using custom profiles with either center or solid line display.
  5. Hello Josh, Thanks for the Reply. I realize this is a relatively straight forward script and thought maybe someone had written one I could use without spending the time necessary to write it myself. I just don't want to re-invent the wheel for something like this. It's all about the balance of time, you know. I do, however, feel that it may be worth the time necessary to make something like that as generic as possible in order to easily modify it and use it to quickly populate incremental data. I use a lot of worksheets as schedules in my designs so this would be very useful to me. Thanks for the two links, I'll check them out. Regards,
  6. Has anyone written a script that can loop through a batch of selected objects and insert an incremented field value? With a bunch of walls selected, I need a script that would add a unique and incremented value to the mark field in the "Wall data" record. Anyone done something like this?
  7. Why doesn't this work? Anyone know? =DEG2RAD(FramingMember.pitch) Is it because VW's function interpreter cannot resolve the variable and only works on an real number? I'm trying to build a worksheet formula. Regards,
  8. Thanks Jonathan, I hate it when it's something I've done!
  9. Not working in '09 with the Z key.
  10. Is there a way to reposition the label generated by the framing member tool?
  11. I have a large roof face with multiple ridges at different elevations. See attached gif file. One of the ridges thinks it's a square eave. Is there a way to edit this ridge section to return it to a plumb cut, and have the eave remain square?
  12. I am inserting reference markers in a viewport annotation. I would like to make these markers into symbols to use over and over and change the reference in one place, if needed. However, the symbol scales down to the design layer scale, inside the viewport, if edited as a symbol. How can I edit these marker symbols without them scaling down? What am I missing here?
  13. I'm having difficulty snapping to others when I have both layer and class options set to Snap to others. Not sure why, maybe I'm just having a brain spasm. Regards,
  14. Thanks for the reply Pat, While attaching records may be the safer way to go in the long run, the interface of data entry in the data tab leaves alot to be desired. The interface does not allow interface functionality like drop down lists, which is useful to setup with frequently used items. After all, VW is supposed to be a BIM application. I am trying real hard to use VW as a BIM application and trying to keep the interface as fast and useful as possible. The answer to this could be to allow record format data to populate the bottom of the OIP, with all the data input field types, and just separate it from that data NNA uses with some kind of delimiter, or change how the data tab input works and provide us with some useful input field types. Let's get this thing useful, and fast, as a BIM application! I know you don't have anything to do with this and I appreciate your response. Regards,
  15. Two questions on plug-in data: 1. Why is it possible to add parameters to some plug-ins, and have those parameters show up in the OIP, while others will not. In some cases I have to create a format record and use the data tab in the OIP to add the data. For some plug-ins I can add the data directly to the plug-in, via the vectorscript plug-in editor, and have it show up in the OIP??? For my use, it is much better to add the parameters to the plug-in itself instead of creating a separate format record. Consistency in the function of these plug-ins seems best. 2. If I add parameters to a plug-in via the vectorscript plug-in editor, should I be coping, or moving, that plug-in .vso file to my user folder so that it is not over written upon software updates, assuming the plug-in function does not change? Regards,
  16. The framing member tool height and width field parameters are swapped. When set to type "solid beam", the height should represent member Z height. Please fix.
  17. Need ability to reposition the label text.
  18. Pat, I just noticed the table made for the Framing Member Object does not include the 'Span' Parameter??? Regards,
  19. Pat, I have wondered why VW does not make this information readily avaliable. Thanks for you efforts creating the script, it works well. Regards
  20. Where do I find the new 2009 framing member parameters? I need to return the label text value in a worksheet. Where do I find a list of these parameters? Thanks,
  21. Need measuring tool similar to the function of Sketchup's tape measure tool. A quick and easy way to measure the elevation of two points on the Z axis from a 3d view, not necessarily to place a dimension, but to simply measure the vertical dimension. Regards,
  22. Thom, do you have this same problem with 2008? If so, than it was not fixed in 2009. Regards
  23. I have a site model that will not modify correctly. When using a pad modifier surrounded by a fence modifier, the model will update contours for part of the pad correctly but some of the contours encroach into other parts of the pad area. I tried drawing different pad and fence shapes and it happens no matter what shape the pad and fence is. This problem makes site modeling and modifying completely useless. Anyone else have this problem?
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