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changing referenced files/layer links

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I have one file (a plan of a house as surveyed), which I have referenced into another file, and turned through 90? in order to draw the section as surveyed. Now I want to copy this section file to turn it into the proposed section, so my question is this: is there an easy way of replacing the referenced (survey plan) file with my proposed plan file, in such a way that the layerlink updates too? Otherwise, I have to reference in the proposed plan, then create a layerlink, then turn it by 90? and then make sure it's in the right place...

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Was I unclear once again - bummer! No, no: your general approach seems to be just "by the book" so what I thought I was saying will work.

Just replace the survey file. Your drawings only know that such a source file lives in such a folder and will read the new file just like that.

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Sarah, Petri has given you the easy way - a clever suggestion - but since it doesn't work with your office standards, I think you are stuck having to reconstruct the reference and link. Only 10 minutes' work, I should think.

You could do this: temporarily substitute your new proposed survey for the old by renaming it (= original survey filename), then once you update your reference, your layer link will update. Then, BREAK the reference, which leaves the objects intact in your file. You can then go back to your standard filenames, but you will lose the ability to automatically update the proposed survey info if you change that down the line.

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