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Framing of floor openings


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If I create a floor slab with an opening in it for a stair, the framing tool does not allow this new entity to be used to define the area for "joists from poly". Is there way to have the framing tool recognize an opening in the floor and show the appropriate framing around that opening?

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Hi TBrown,

I understand you frustration because I have seen the same problem on roof framing for holes in chimney chases. It seems that VW does not see the hole so you will have to create the hole with framing and adjust to fit. Also, the framing tool assumes a starting location for spacing with no ability to specify so you will have to adjust for that as well.

It is good to have VW at least provide starting points for framing so they can be adjusted and show up in the live sections, just takes a little more work.


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Must be selective. I was doing just that as I opened this thread, and did 3 floors with a stair cut-out just fine (v.12.5.1). It would be nice to be able to spec the number of joists around an opening. Make sure you are grabbing the slab instead of the original rectangle.

For a start point, when asked to set the direction of the joists do the "draw a line in the direction.." command at your desired start point, such as the side wall.

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Hi Robert

Is it not the right thing to do, that when a bug is found that the CURRENT RELEASE is corrected instead of the next release? The next release is supposed to have better and more features and to be released after the previous release is FULLY fixed confused.gif

I'm am at VW (very impressed, and budgeting for 2 x more seats) because IMSI made the same mistake and scores of old and regular clients (myself included) just left them - I think they are at the cross roads after that stupid decision.

The irony is that IMSI TC is so cheap and can do so much in 2D and 3D and we still use the previous version but that one dumb decision drove me straight into VW hands.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

clb, you raise a good and fair point, but to maintain quality, we at NNA adhere to a schedule that allows both internal and external (beta) testing of a release. FWLIW, I investigated this bug upon seeing this posting, fixed it, and uncovered a further (less-likely encountered) bug which I submitted to other engineers to fix, hopefully for the same future release.

Put another way, there is a certain amount of testing overhead with any proper release of software that constrains the number of releases per calendar year.

As for bug-fixes vs. features in "future releases", I can assure you that VW will have lots of both. VectorWorks has never been accused of being feature-poor in any of its releases, as far as I know!

As this particular bug occurs in a plug-in, it might be possible to post the (fixed) plug-in on our website for interested parties to download. Indeed, in the case of extreme or destructive bugs, we have posted such updates of plug-ins in the past. In this case, however, since the bug is not pernicious, and since there's a straight-forward work around, it probably mekes better sense to keep our process in its usual form.

When I saw your phrase "the previous release is FULLY fixed", I allowed myself a rueful smile. One thing I've learned since joining the software industry is that no software is -ever- "FULLY fixed". I encounter weird and sometimes frustrating bugs most days with Microsoft Office, even. If ever there were a software that (in terms of user base and budget) ought to be bug-free, it would be that.

Mind you, I'm not damning NNA by comparison to Microsoft. We do constantly endeavor to improve both our process and our product. Thanks for your concern, your input, and your commmerce. I hope we can keep you happy.

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TX for the nice response. I did not and have no intention to critize VW. I'm a newbie and with the help of MikeOz at the startup I made a huge get-away for a new software. Been through alot of types of software since 1991 and this one is superb in versatilityI love this software and is budgeting for more seats already.

I accept that no software is flawless but there is a huge difference between a developer that aknowledge a fault/bug/mistake and respond to it and one that does not.VW does repond and it make a difference.

I can see VW is not feature poor, but as we ourselves are the "other" worldpart users and use primary Burnt Clay Bricks, Steel and Concrete in all our building works. Only in homes we uses wood framed trusses. That already make the Roof Framing Command very handy. But we as the "other" users do see features and enhancements that can be of help for us and maybe for the large portion of other users. Let me go through the current design and then make a list of possible features that can help us a hellavu lot. EG a simple Outer/ Inner Wall Fixed Top Railed Sliding Door as Hybrid model will be superb as it is commonly used on the steel structures as sheds and commercialized buildings.

grin.gif No offense to our American fellows - you design and build really beautifull houses with that framing methods of yours, but it is just not for us. In the RSA you need anyway bulletproof houses these days.

In regard of the bug fix - it will be fair and square to post it on your website for all users to get it. This offer and action of yours alone is one that is highly regarded. It gives an indication that VW do want to have satisfied clientele.


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