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line of dots

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Here's one idea:

Use the Duplicate Along Path tool. You'll have to determine the size and spacing of your dots. For example, create a circle with diameter of 1 inch, lineweight 1mm. Press Option-P to call the tool. Press U to set mode to Draw Polygon, press I and set prefs for fixed distance at 4". Draw your line of dots, double-click to end.

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Try the Repetitive Unit tool.

You'll have to make your own 'dot' to use as the selected symbol. The folder located in ~Vectorworks/Libraries/Default/Repetitive Unit/Miscellaneous has a file of some ready made symbols (including 'footsteps' ?). Make your 'dot' symbol in that file so you can easily use it later.

On the PIO you can control the dot spacing in the 'Pitch' box, uncheck the 'Use Symbol Pitch'. To change the dot size you'll have to go back to the original in the Misc Symbols file.

You can also have the dot line have a centerline or not by changing the linetype style.

Hope that helps.



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