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  1. CharlesJ, I was having the same problem with the door and window pio settings not holding the line weights I set for the parts. I am compulsive (almost obsessive) about line weights in my drawings. At this point, I have returned completely to 2D drawing so that I can finish the jobs I have started. The 3D renderings were beautiful and revealing, but completely rendering a 5,000 sq. ft., multi-level home, within the time demands of a paying client is just not reasonable, yet; at least, in my office. bryn G4/800 dual OS 10.4.8 1.25GB RAM VW 12.5
  2. Thanks, Pete. That seems to make a lot more sense the way you explained it. I'll try some new walls to see if I have a grasp on this. bryn G4/800 dual OS 10.4.8 1.25GB RAM VW 12.5
  3. So when I go into the edit wall style dialog, I have a list of components like: Wall, 1" component, 1/2" component, 3-1/2" component and 1/2" component. I have been setting my line weights here for each of the components. I had not clicked on "Wall" to edit it until Pete pointed it out. In that dialog, I do not have "use class attributes" checked, but the line weight that keeps showing up is set for pen style. Does this setting override the individual component line weights? bryn G4/800 dual OS 10.4.8 1.25GB RAM VW 12.5
  4. The attributes palette is gray and can't be used when I select a wall that's already drawn. Changing the attribute before drawing a wall doesn't affect any of the lines in that wall. The "use at creation" box is checked under the wall's class, so which lines of the components are affected by the class settings? I don't see any change to a component line weight when I change the class setting and draw a wall from that class. bryn G4/800 dual OS 10.4.8 1.25GB RAM VW 12.5
  5. Neither the attributes palette nor class settings affects any of the line weights in my wall styles. bryn G4/800 dual OS 10.4.8 1.25GB RAM VW 12.5
  6. I am having a problem with the line weights changing after I edit a wall style or create a new one. It's usually the two outside lines (outside left and outside right), and they change after exiting the wall style edit dialog. I've tried creating a wall style in a blank document, but that one also changes. It doesn't seem to be affected by the setting in the line style palette at the time the wall is drawn. A search of this forum didn't show anyone else with the problem, so I have no clue where to look next. How do I control the weights other than through the wall style dialog? bryn G4/800 dual OS 10.4.8 1.25GB RAM VW 12.5
  7. Dave, I think you just gave me an answer to why my first renderings were so much faster than the past three months. The client gave me fixture numbers for his Kohler sinks, lavs, wtr. closets, tubs and faucets, which I downloaded from the Kohler website. They render very realistically, but have a lot of meshes. There are also a lot of windows, glass cabinet doors, interior glass doors, wood floors with reflectivity and granite counter tops that reflect. There are aprox 30 rooms with crown and base (actual profiles). Most of my experience with rendering has been on exteriors, with very few interiors. That lack of experience, along with a "perfectionist" client, has really snowballed this job. He is very satisified with the renderings I have given him, but he is comparing my rendering time to his Broderbund $50 home design software, and can't (or won't) understand why I can't "click" and have instant results. Thanks for all the help. This job will be a good experience; not profitable, but a lesson well learned. bryn G4/800 dual OS 10.4.8 1.25GB RAM VW 12.5
  8. Grant, I've already considered a second machine, but that also means another copy of VW, which I don't usually need, and I wanted to wait until the spring to replace my present computer. The CDs I meant was the client's construction documents (His drawing files and rendered exports won't even fit on a CD). He is ready to build, but is still making changes. I have been rendering parts of this drawing for over three months and most of them have to be redone because of his changes. He wants a file of 8.5"x11" photos to go with the drawings so the subs will know exactly how he intends the house to be finished. Thanks for the assistance. I can usually figure things out with the help files, but the experience of others is just as valuable, if not more so. bryn G4/800 dual OS 10.4.8 1.25GB RAM VW 12.5
  9. Thanks, Kevin. I'm reading up on batch rendering right now. bryn G4/800 dual OS 10.4.8 1.25GB RAM VW 12.5
  10. Nicholas, tonight I'll also try rendering the way you suggested to see how much time I save. The client wants 40-50 renderings, but wants his CDs asap, so I need to wrap this job up before my patience wears as thin as the client's. bryn G4/800 dual OS 10.4.8 1.25GB RAM VW 12.5
  11. So, Ray, if I use the render bitmap tool with it's resolution set to full, what setting determines the resolution? I've tried using 144, 300 and 600 for the camera view, and also for the export resolution, but the result always looks like a 72 dpi screen shot with the jaggies. bryn G4/800 dual OS 10.4.8 1.25GB RAM VW 12.5
  12. I finally accept that my interior renderings in finally quality renderworks are taking 3-5 hours on this project, but they are also taking another 3-5 hours to export to a jpeg file. Is this normal for the view to re-render during the saving process and take the same amount of time as the original rendering? If so, is there any way to cut that time? Is there a quality difference between an exported jpeg image (144 dpi) and a png screen shot? The exported images need to be printed on 8.5"x11" photo paper. bryn G4/800 dual OS 10.4.8 1.25GB RAM VW 12.5
  13. I use a custom dimension with 0.032 (page inch) filled round markers. The settings are not being saved when the custom dimensions dialog is closed. The markers grow to 0.125 inch or turn into arrows. When the settings dialog is re-opened, the marker has reset to arrows. I also can't change the settings by using the arrows pallet because it won't respond when a dimension is selected. I was able to select all the dimensions on the page, change to a default type and back to the custom dimension, but when the file is re-opened, the markers are huge again. Am I missing another setting somewhere? Creating a new type from scratch does the same thing. bryn VW12.5 OS 10.4.7 G4/800 dual 1.25gb RAM
  14. Select File > Document Settings > Dash Styles. Add a new style and carefully adjust the sliders to get your req'd dot pattern. Leave the "scale with line thickness" box checked. bryn
  15. When rendering final quality renderworks, do the number and complexity of objects in other areas of the model affect rendering time for one small view? For instance, I am rendering a 4 ft x 5 ft vanity area that is now taking 20 mins compared to about 5 mins several weeks ago. Nothing has been added to this area, but lots of detail has been added to other parts of the model, bringing the file size to 48mb. Other than the total file size and upgrading to 12.5, I can't account for the increase in rendering times for smaller, unchanged areas. I am using renderworks camera at default 35mm and 72 dpi. All lights are off by class setting except the area being rendered. bryn VW 12.5 Mac OS 10.4.7 1.25gb RAM G4/dual 800
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