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Now that the version 12.5 of Vectorworks is out, I'd like to replace my duel 1.25ghz G4 PowerMac.

Does anyone have any thoughts about the relative merits of the MacPro tower vrs. the new 24" I-Mac for running Vectorworks?

The computer would be used primarily for running Vectorworks for mostly 2D drafting. At typical project is broken down into 2-4 referenced files, each about 20-30MB). I'd typically have a number of other programs running simultaneously with Vectorworks, included Microsoft Entourage, Word, Adobe Acrobat, Safari, I-Photo and FileMaker Pro.

PowerMacs have always been very reliable for me- I have three in my office now and have never had a problem. One is over 6 years old! I'm a bit concerned that the I-Mac could be a bit less reliable since they are putting so much technology in a small package.

Any thoughts would be appreciated!

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The Mac Pro is always going to outlast the iMac; it's far more expandble and the display is independent.

Both machines would be more than enough for your purposes (maxing out the memory in the iMac would be advised), but if you think future use might include 3D work, and it's within your budget, I'd think seriously about Mac Pro, with a X1900 XT graphics card (frankly I think it's the best machine they've ever produced).

It's doubtful but I think there's a possibility of new displays on the 25th too, so keep that in mind, but don't quote me on it.

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Thanks for the good advice.

The PowerMacs have always worked well for me too, and have proven remarkably durable and trouble free. I'll probably end up with a PowerMac, and perhaps a new display as well now that the ADC connector on my 21" display is obsolete.

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