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Can't finish Install



I can't make an install of VectorWorks 12 Fundamentals/Spotlight/Renderworks on to a computer running XP Pro SP2 with more than the minimum requirements for hardware. The install finishes the unpacking process and then begins to actually do the install and gets to some where between 60 and 70 percent and then an error occurs where a file can not be copied and then the instalation quits and the install doesn't then roll back what it has done and the clean up to get the unfinished install off the HDD takes more than an hour. I have made the install on a few other computers and they are working fine

Comp. Specs.

P4 2.8GHz


120 GB HDD

128 MB Nvidia GeForce FX 5200 Graphics card

16x DVD Rom

Win. XP Pro SP2

Any help would be great,


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Just a thought: Is the icon you are clicking located in the Dock and is it from a previous version of VW which is no longer installed?

In that case, try to launch from the icon in the VW2011 folder in the Applications folder. If this works, drag the old icon out of the Dock (puff of smoke) and drag the new icon into the Dock.

Probably not what's happening. Best of luck getting it to go.


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