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Mass Symbol Editing question

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Our office has symbol library files which we reference off of a server. In one of the files, every dimension has spontaneously switched fonts.

First of all, does anyone have any idea what might cause this? To my knowledge, no one else touches these files aside from myself, and I am sure that no one went through and systematically changed the fonts one by one in a file with 100+ symbols.

Secondly, does anyone know a quick way to change them all back? It's tedious to change them one by one but I don't see another convenient way.


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In the very unlikely situation that symbol definitions would have been changed:

a) you have used only one typeface. A script that sets all text objects to whatever typeface you choose, is dead easy to write. I probably have one, or 95% of it, already. Feel free to ask for free code.

b) you have used several typefaces. Oh dear - even artificial intelligence does not include artificial crystal balls...

c) your users have duplicated the symbols & changed fonts in their LOCAL libaries. In this situation, one can bring in symbol instances & use one's own definition.

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One strange thing about this situation is that the dimensions all used to be in Arial and now appear in a different, non-standard font. Other people on other computers have noticed the same thing. Also, we do not use individual symbol libraries--just a folder of Favorites on a server.

Petri, I haven't ever written a vectorscript to edit symbols. I'd be glad to make use of whatever code you (or anyone else) would like to share. Please just post it here or email it to me at bret@taylorsyfan.com.

Thanks, everyone.

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