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the local Degree show

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I was pleased to see that some of the students this year, have made VW their main design tool. I hope this becomes a 'tradition': a group of "Spatial Design" students told me they initially faced discouragement from some of the tutors.

I can only guess that the tutors were trying to pass-on the idea that DESIGN should be a process of seriousness and pain !

Then I got talking to one of the Product Design technicians, who spouted complete tosh about the PC-and-aCAD combination as the only way to do what I've been doing with success on Macs for 6 years.

As ever, it was the students who were the coolest; But the standard attitude of that age-group is to knock their elders ? This can be sad for the tutors of course, however in this case, I'd say the students were right to disagree with these old stick-in-the-mud attitudes.

Good luck to them, it was a good looking show.



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Do you teach, or a student?

Teach part time.

I've been trying to convince management to fix our website.

At our college it looks like it was designed for and by IT Managers, (no offence to IT Managers), rather than by Communication Designers and for Students. Yours is clear, clean and modern and presents material concieved to engage students.

As far as stress analysis for my design work goes; for the playground design it all goes to an Engineer for certification, and for my own Furniture design work I use the tried-and-true experiential method of: Hmmm, yeah, I reckon that's thin/strong/flexible/rigid enough. I'll give that a go and see what happens. :-)

Hey; it worked for the pyramids!


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dunsterville says:

I was pleased to see that some of the students this year, have made VW their main design tool.

I think the reason for this is that Vectorworks is much more suitable for presentation work, which is what students mainly do. VW is better at color, graphics handling, and fonts.

Coming from AutoCad structural drafting, I would never attempt to outdo myself with Vectorworks. I'm simply faster at 2D black and white drafting with AutoCad (can't speak for others).

However, since I've been using Vectorworks at home, I've noticed that my drawings are much better looking. I think it's because of the easy color and textured fills that VW provides, and also because I can now use Truetype fonts, which really slow AutoCad down.

Doing presentation drawings at work with AutoCad was always a chore that I tried to avoid. Now, with Vectorworks, I like to show off my drawings to anyone that I've cut off from escape.

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Indeed it is all about presentation:

I was like the students here: until I bought VW, I was using adobe illustrator to do all of my technical drawings ? was hard work [and none too accurate!]. But it looked good, and different to all the drawings I was seeing, until I discovered vectorworks which had just enough of the potential for an individualistic looking work, without making the processor fry on a complicated project.

Interesting David about what you say of your methods, I hear AutoCAD is pulling itself together for a new release that looks like it could be strong.

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