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problem with label legends

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I'm using VW 12.01 on a pc running win xp and all of my legends for lighting instruments are not displaying properly. Rather than having blank fields waiting for me to input color, dimmer number or any other field I choose to use, it displays the label legend with all the fields written out (for example: in the color spot it displays ?color?). Worst of all updating the instruments doesn?t replace the text with the information I entered. I also tried opening an old lighting plot created with VW 11.5 in VW 12 and the same problem happened as well; so I think the problem is with my copy of Vectorworks and not an individual file. If anyone could give me some advice on how to solve the problem, that would be great.

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Weird. Have you tried converting your symbols to instruments again just to see if the problem goes away? Have you tried a second new plot to see if it happens again? what instrumet symbols are doing this. Can you find any that won't. Also check and see if you have more than one instrument selected on any layers - make all layers active and deselect then see if it keeps on happening. Also have you tried updating the instruments a second time? Sometimes the OIP will not update until you do it the second time, especially if you have used the undo function.

Some ideas - hope one works.


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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Send onn of your files to tech@nemetschek.net and we can verrify that it is not a problem with the file.

Also make sure that you are running 12.0.1, in 12.0.0 undo would sometimes cause the label legend to appear in the document, but regenerating the instrument will fix the problem.

Try creating and assigning a new label legend to the instrument and see if that fixes the problem.

Are you using Spotlight symbols? Some other third party software uses text linked to record within the symbol and using these symbols may cause differnet information to display.

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