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  1. I'm using VW 12.01 on a pc running win xp and all of my legends for lighting instruments are not displaying properly. Rather than having blank fields waiting for me to input color, dimmer number or any other field I choose to use, it displays the label legend with all the fields written out (for example: in the color spot it displays ?color?). Worst of all updating the instruments doesn?t replace the text with the information I entered. I also tried opening an old lighting plot created with VW 11.5 in VW 12 and the same problem happened as well; so I think the problem is with my copy of Vectorworks and not an individual file. If anyone could give me some advice on how to solve the problem, that would be great.
  2. It would be nice if when I was using the double line tool I could choose to have them begin and or end on an object. For example if I use the double line tool and it ends on a circle one line will be on the circle but the other line will be too long or too short, so if VW could automaticly adjust the length of the 2nd line that would be great.
  3. Try posting in the Vectorscript disscussion area, I'm sure some one there can help.
  4. Is snap to intersection turned on in your constraints palette?
  5. I find that I'm constantly using 3/8" scale when drafting, yet there is no button for it. Please add a 3/8" button in the layers scale box so I don't have to keep entering my own custom scale. Thank you
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