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Installation Freezes at 88%



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Hello Con & Welcome to the Board! As a general rule, you will get more relevant and useful help if you include the following things with your post (they can be included your signature, which makes it much easier): OS and version, VW's version, printer/driver info if your question is printer-related. There are such a multitude of combinations out there, and this info will help to narrow down your problem. In fact, it is often the case that someone with the exact same issue & config will respond :-)

So now I have a couple questions: are you running any virus protection software? Have you tried copying the contents of the CD's to your HD and installing from there? Are you getting any error message when the install fails?

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Sorry, this is my first time.

I am running Windows XP, have 14 GB harddrive space, 512 memory, AMD Opteron Processor 244,

and do have virus protection software running.

I have not tried copying the files to the harddrive. I am not getting an error message.

I will go to Windows task manager and it shows that the program is still running. I waited two hours and it was still at 88%.

One other newbie question, what is this dongle for??????????????

Any help is greatful.



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Con, because I'm on a Mac, I need to defer to others who better understand your system. But in the meantime I would suggest two things: first, on Disk 1 is a "read me" file which should explain how to do a basic install. Perhaps there you will find info that may help you install the program, including info about the dongle; second, (unfortunately you'll have to wait until Monday) call tech support. They are very knowlwdgeable and ought to be able to take you through the install process over the phone.

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