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Viewport scale Error

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When saving a new viewport to a sheet its appearance is wildly large in comparison to the original scale of the design. I tried to manually adjust the viewport in the object info panel but it still displays it as a rectangle with a cross through it even after hitting update. I can't attach images and I'm unable to attach the original document as it contains a student's work. Does anyone know why this is happening??

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Hey Pat, I've checked and the layers and classes are all set to show. I've included images of what the sheet looks like before and what it looks like after as well as the viewport properties.




Screenshot 2024-05-28 at 8.30.08 AM.png

Screenshot 2024-05-28 at 8.45.05 AM.png

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2 hours ago, avase said:

When saving a new viewport to a sheet its appearance


@avase how was the viewport created ?


ie: was the original Design Layer set to match what the viewport should be 


Was a Crop object on the Design Layer when the viewport was selected ?




Try setting the ViewPort in the OIP to wireframe and / or Top/Plan if it is not set that way already ... (With a ViewPort, always remember to UPDATE ...)




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Hi @Elite Exhibits, I'm not sure what you mean by whether "a crop object [was] on the design layer when the viewport was selected". Can you clarify?


Here is how the viewport was created. I tried setting the viewport to your specifications in the OIP and hitting update but nothing changes. 



Screenshot 2024-05-28 at 7.03.37 PM.png

Screenshot 2024-05-28 at 7.03.50 PM.png

Screenshot 2024-05-28 at 7.04.08 PM.png

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Peter, it seems you were right. There were objects going off the page in the design layer that I couldn't see. After removing them, the viewport displayed as expected. Thank you!

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@avase as an FYI


I have learned (the hard way ?) to think of a Sheet Layer Viewport as a modifiable photo of what is on the Design Layer (...or Layers).


Here is one take on this ...

1. Set up the Design Layer so you see exactly what you would like in the Viewport. 2D or 3D - Iso or Perspective - wireframe or rendered. 


2. Next, put a shape onto what you see in the Design Layer to frame it. A rectangle for example. Outside this shape should NOT show in the Viewport.

     No issue with Color & Pen for this shape as it should initially disappear from the Design Layer and be invisible on the Sheet Layer.


3. With this shape selected, pick Create Viewport from the drop down menu.

      VW should ask to use the selected shape as the Crop - Click Yes


The rest is up to you - New Sheet Layer ? - Name and such ...etcetera


Select this newly created viewport in the OIP and click the Update.

     Always remember to Click Update ...

The viewport should look like the Design Layer set up it originated on.

     Rotation, render mode, etcetera, cropped by the shape you placed on top


Setting up the Design Layer(s) is key as this equates to what the Viewport will look like.


Don't fret some of the Viewport details as they are easily changed 

    Viewport not the right size ? you can scale a viewport like most objects...

    Updated / rendered Viewport is dark ? Adjust the Viewport lighting in the OIP (its down towards the bottom...) The key may be knowing where the Post Creation Viewport controls are. 


One Design Layer and many Classes for control of what is visible is a common workflow here. This limits where a Viewport comes from and puts control of what is seen in the Viewport to Classes selected, either...

     A. When the Viewport was created or

     B. Changes made to the Viewport Settings in the OIP


Workflow should also look at what is needed in the Design Layer ie: in many Viewports and what should only be on a single Sheet Layer or in a specific Viewports as annotations.

               Work Smarter !



              ... and that Viewport Crop?

     While a rectangle is typical, it can be any single closed shape. This shape will be the boundary to the Viewport when you see the Viewport on a Sheet Layer. Try a circle or even a convoluted polygon (Hint: The Polygon could dance around oddities on the Design Layer to get a better image in the Viewport)

       You say you want to see the Crop ? - One of several tiny boxes in the OIP


See attached



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