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graphical legend, Keynotes and callout tool

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The note text is not stored in a Record.Field in either the CallOut or the Legend.


So no, there is not an easy way to get the information into a worksheet.


And probably not into a Graphical Legend.


It may be possible to use a worksheet script, but it would require digging into the Callout and Legend objects to determine how the data is stored.


But Worksheet scripts are "fragile" in the script has to either be stored in the correct place in the user or workgroup folder so the worksheet can find them or else it has to be included in every file where it is used. So for a general solution I am cautious.

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How many overall keynote "lines" over all the legends?


Would you like a separate worksheet for each legend?  Or would a single worksheet with separate sections for each legend be better? All the legend in the document at once? Or just all the legends on the current sheet?

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