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NE of stake points don't match NE in report



Hi all,


I need to create a report of the northing and easting of stake points I have placed in a design so that I can export them via an excel spreadsheet/csv document to a Trimble. When I create the report, the northing and easting points are majorly off from the northing and easting data as it appears next to the stake. I have set the user origin in the document to a property in KY and imported stake points from the Trimble when we surveyed the site. The stake points come in correctly over the property on the VW aerial. When I create the report, the new stakes, as well as the original survey stakes are showing off. Also, the X/Y coordinates and the stake coordinates match each other in VW and match the original csv file that I imported, but don't match the report. I am sure I have a document setting wrong, but I have no idea what it is. I am really afraid of exporting the coordinate data to the Trimble and finding out that it is on some other property . . .


The following screenshots show the report that I created, the data as it appears in the document, and the data from the original csv.


I appreciate any help you can give me!


***You may remember that I posted a while back that I was working with a template that had a problem with its internal georeferencing. This data is coming from a clean template that has the default georeferencing from VW for the US, which is the Washington Monument in Washington, DC. I have watched Tamsin's video on GIS which was very helpful!










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6 hours ago, lrucker said:

Feet/Inches - And they are displayed in Vectorworks as Feet/inches, but maybe the report is in another unit?


Interesting.  Everyone I work with does decimal feet or meters for site work.

Anyhow, if your doc units are set appropriately, your worksheet must be reporting the wrong info.

If your 0,0 for your coordinate system is set to be on the property rather than georeferenced to the state or other large scale coordinate system....

Just use XCoordinate & YCoordinate of your stakes instead of Northing & Easting.  This will report the desired info for a local site coordinate system.

When you are writing the report formula, you can format the field to insure you are reporting the right kind of data as well.

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I actually tried using the X and Y in the report and it also did not report correctly. I have a meeting with Bryan this morning so maybe I'll be able to resolve it then. Thanks for trying to help.

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