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Chained dimensions direction

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Hi all,


I am dimensioning a lighting pipe from the centerline using the chain mode. I am wondering if there is a way when I adjust the dimension in a different direction.


For example, when I change the center-left dimension [3'-0"] to [2'-0"], it will adjust the dimension on the left. However, if I need to adjust from the center line to the right, it's moving the left dimension instead of the right. I try flipping the dimensions and looking at the setting, but I haven't found a solution yet.


Org dimensions:


Changing the left set of dimensions:


Changing the right set of dimensions: 




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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

How are you adjusting the dimensions? Are you editing the dimension in the OIP? Or dragging the blue control point in the drawing?
Dimensions will likely shift according to their starting point. But, it's possible their based on left to right insertion. I'm not sure. What happens when you try dimensioning from the farthest light from the CL towards the CL on the Center-Right side? You'd get the same dimensions, but they'd have their starting points reversed and should respond as how you're trying to do.


Side note: have you tried @Sam Jones's dimension tool for pipes? I use it as it's very fast. When I shift a pipe's lights, I delete all the dimensions and run his tool again. 


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