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Graphic Legend for Lighting Accessories Not Counting

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Hi All,


I've been trying for a long time now to get a Graphic Legend to count my accessories in a VW drawing. What's strange, is that if I insert a lighting fixture from the library that already has an accessory attached, for example a Source 4 comes with a hook clamp already on it from the VW Library it counts it in the Graphic Legend. If I remove that hook clamp and replace it with a Barrel Clamp or anything else, the Graphic Legend won't count it. It's the same when I insert a lighting symbol with no accessory already there. When I add an accessory with the accessory tool, the Graphic Legend won't see it, or count it.


I've atteched a small VW file with a small example. 3 units on the main layer. One is a VW Source 4 with a hook clamp already on it as stock. This is the one that the Graphic legend does see and count. Then a copy of that Source 4 with the hook clamp removed and a Barrel Clamp attached as a accessory. Then a light panel that I also tried to attach a Barrel Clamp to as an accessory. As you can see on the Sheet Layer, the only accessory being counted in the Graphic Legend is the included hook clamp in the stock VW Source 4.


I know that the accessories are there, because AutoPlot for VW is counting them in it's Accessory Worksheet. (Also on the Sheet Layer)


There's also a Sheet Layer in the file, with the Graphic Legend in question, and the info we used the generate it etc.


Does anyone have any idea where I'm going wrong please?

Graphic Legend Not Generating.vwx

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

The Graphic Legend only looks at the symbol and not directly at the Lighting Device.
Accessories are a special group inside of the lighting device, the Graphic Legend is seeing the stock symbol and the nested accessory symbol in the stock symbol.

For counting Lighting Devices and Accessories we recommend using the Equipment Summary Key.

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