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Hardware consultation available?

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Hi all!

Is there someone at Vectorworks who I can contact to get some detailed consultation on computer hardware and VWX performance in general? I would like to send a few files and get some advice on how to make the application run better. I have 13900k/4090/64gb, that should be ok I guess, but I still find that the performance of the program slows me down heavily. Faster renders would be nice of course, but what I really need is to be faster when navigating around, changing saved views etc. I do arena-sized shows, file size being under 500mb. Cinebench and other hardware benchmarks give normal results for the hardware in question.

In short I guess the question is, would I get what I want from M3 MacBook Pro. 

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Two weeks in with MBP M2 Max/64gb RAM, my VWX experience is like another software. Files open in 1/3 time, navigating around is 2-3x faster. Viewports render fast instead of program crashing. I don't know what it is, but for me Macs have always outperformed PCs in Vectorworks use. Now when I have a pretty powerful Mac for the first time in years, the difference is just huge. Not to mention it is laptop vs tower..

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