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Logging project time per project

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Just revisiting this topic in case someone now has a nifty new solution.


After turning on Log time in program (VW Prefs / Session), there's a data file (in Mac, it's in the hidden Library / Application Support / Vectorworks / 20xx / Vectorworks Log). However, it only shows the date, timestamp, and the name of file when opened and when closed.


Is there a way to get more out of it such as when multiple drawings are opened, how much time is allocated to each drawing?


Ideally, it would go further in tracking the time of application focus, such as when I click away to check email, the internal clock would automatically pause, then resume when I click to focus back in Vectorworks. I would hate to suggest more bloatware.


If not possible, are there any third party apps that's more than a simple manual toggling on/off a stopwatch?

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