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Fence Tool 2024 question

Tom W.

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Am playing around with the new VW2024 Fence Tool for the first time. Has anyone got an example of the 'Extra Gate' function in the Gate Configuration settings in action? I looked through a load of the readymade Fence styles but couldn't find any that were set up with an extra gate.


From Help:



I was thinking this would allow you to use the same gate symbol in a double-leaf configuration but when I tried it I get a post in the middle:





Which isn't particularly useful as far as I'm concerned so am wondering if I'm missing something. Be good to see some other examples of it being used if anyone has any. It feels like there should be an option to remove the central gate post if desired. @Katarina Ollikainen?


This question aside very impressive + powerful tool by the way - well done!

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11 hours ago, mike m oz said:

You will need to create your own gate pair symbol.  Duplicate the existing symbol and then mirror the gate parts.


Sure. Absolutely. The question is more about the 'Extra Gate' function + whether there are any circumstances where you would use it. None of the stock Fence styles are set up to have an extra gate as far as I can see + I can't think of any scenarios where I'd want two adjacent gates with a post in between so it's more a question of how is this feature intended to be used. If you could elect to remove the post in between that would be great but otherwise what's the point? Not a criticism of the tool because I think it's amazing, more just interested to know how people are using Extra Gate or how VW intended it to be used. It would be really quite useful to be able to pair different field gates in different combinations rather than having to create standalone symbols for each pairing.


The tool is really impressive BTW I like it a lot.

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Ok I rewatched @Katarina Ollikainen's excellent Coffee Break video + she gave the example of a double vehicular gate with a secondary pedestrian gate to the side. That's a good example + answers my question. I still think however, if it were achievable without too much bother, that having the option to not include an intermediate post if you didn't want it would be cool as it would increase even further the range of options for how the tool could be used.

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