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32,000 plus segments


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So. here's one auto cad group (that's how it imported). It represents one ROBE lighting fixture. It's comprised of over 32,000 line segments. It's one of a couple of hundred similarly made objects, - that's just the Lighting objects, I haven't yet checked the architectural elements. The drawing can't be navigated without the BBD spinning relentlessly and stopping all progress.

At 12.5 MB, the file is tiny, yet unnavigable. This file could not be loaded by AutoDesk's online viewer - it failed to load, so there's that.

The question is: when these poorly made files are received, how best to actually use them? So far, a very painfully exported PDF makes navigating the drawing a smidge better, but still somewhat beach-ball-y, and no access to contained data.




32,000plus segments.vwx

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