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VW2024 Missing Command - Stake object from 3D locus

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Hi Pat,


Yes It is in the designer workspace, not the architect one. Thank-you.


Should the quick search be searching 'ALL' even when it is not added in the workspace?

What is the point of a search all that only searches some.....


Some context;

I don't typically modify the workspaces, only slightly to accommodate a few items and always start fresh each version.


I switched to the Architect workspace from designer in 2024 due to the contextual click dimension missing in the designer workspace and cant seem to add it back in.



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Add Dimension seems to work fine in Designer in 2024 SP2.


I don't know if Quick Find is supposed to find items that are not in a workspace. But it certainly only seems to find items that are in the active workspace.  Stake Object from 3D Locus is found in Landmark and Designer, not found in Architect, Architect BIM, or Fundamentals.


So it sounds like they are not supposed to show unless they are in the workspace.


I will submit a wish to get an option added to show "uninstalled" options.

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