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Symbols send to surface - geometry get the same slope as the surface the object is placed on.

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How can I get the Symbols that I want to send to the Surface to follow the slope of the surface and not remain horizontal? In Autodesk Revit, I can decide myself whether Symbols such as a bench should stand horizontally, while the tree pit as shown here should follow the slope to the Site model and Hardscape. Our model must be 1:1 with how it is built as they build according to a model and not drawings.

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@aage.langedrag Could you create a draped hardscape as the base of the tree pit? Or a landscape area? Those would follow the slope of the model assuming you had a modifier defining the slope correctly. Then you could send the tree symbol to surface and choose either hardscape or landscape area. 


I know what you mean though. I've had this issue with trying to get cars to follow the grade of a sloped driveway or road when sent to surface. The only way I've fixed it is to go into the symbol and edit the 3D geometry, change your working plane and rotate the symbol along that plane. It takes some guess work so it will never be perfect but I've been able to get it relatively close. 

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@JonKochThanks for suggestions. The object is sent down to sea level. I thought it was because I cut a recess in my coating but as you can see I have copied the object backwards in the image and this also goes down to sea level. Or do you mean that I have to define height in the Landscape area and not send to a Landscape area or Hardscape which is itself draped on the Site model as I have done?



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