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Equipment List Worksheet Format.

Phil B

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Indeed the problem is that virtual parts can not be treated like other objects in a worksheet.

A trusspin is a good example: It may exist as Symbol, but no one wants to add 450 trusspins to a drawing.


My workaround for this:

- a simple record format with a Count (integer) field and a Name (text)  field

- a separate Layer for additional parts or spare parts.


=> Draw any object or symbol, add the record format to this object, fill the Name-field with "trusspin" or whatever and add the amount to the count field.

As drawing object you can even use a textfield "450 trusspins" for this. These objects can be treated in any Database Worksheet like any other object and so it is possible to design any custom equipment list you want. The design layer then gives a great overview of anything additional to be packed in the warhouse. So, as a job handler, you can see what item you have already taken care of and what is still missing.


Maybe future versions of virtual parts could integrate this workflow ?


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8 hours ago, halfcoupler said:

a simple record format with a Count (integer) field and a Name (text)  field

Have you discovered the new EntEquipUniversal record which is now getting attached to all Spotlight objects? You can attach it manually to any other symbol and it'll be pulled into your reports. You can also edit it and add new fields and it'll still get attached to lights, truss, etc. As long as it keeps the same name.

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