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Attic Ladder Modeling

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How much detail do you need?  Do you need to actually show it both open and closed? Do you need to show all the fastener details?


If you just need the basics, then just model the open and closed versions and make a group or symbol in different classes.


How certain are you that the building will be built with this specific model versus a different model or different manufacturer.  The less control you have over the model, then the less work you should do to model it.


I would only do the minimum. Opening Frame, Cover, Rails, Rungs. Maybe the external pull ring if you are doing high end renderings where it would be more than a couple of pixels wide.  I would not not any of the hardware unless there is some specific requirement for it.


Rail and Rungs as extrudes.  Either extrude the rail straight and then trim the top and bottom to the angle you need or us the Deform tool to shift it to the angle. 

Draw one rung and then Duplicate Array with the correct spacing and offset.


IMNSHO, we too often try and model things that don't need to be modeled. That are too small to see in most images, or may not be the actual product used, or that just really don't matter. And we often do that because we can.  Buildings have gotten built for thousands of years without anyone modeling every screw and nail.


My $0.02.

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