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Rendering Eye-candy fixtures


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I usually find it hard to get nice renders of eye-candy fixtures like 2-lites, 4-lites, sunstrip, titan tubes, Robe Patt etc.

Is there a better rendering mode for these or is it possible to do any settings for these?


The other day I saw a nice render with blinders but I am not sure if that is made with vectorworks alone.


Appriciate any help. 

Thanks in advance!

Screenshot 2023-09-19 at 22.47.11.png

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I copied this image when you posted to examine it.  I was waiting for the usual suspects to chime in, but it seems no one did.


It may be possible to do this in VW's, but I would think it was done in something like CINEMA 4D, if for no other reason than the ease.  The light control in high end animations systems is another level.  


Why I think this might be CINEMA 4D is the people.  Although at this distance they are only vague representations of the human form, they appear random in size, orientation etc.  In VW's this would be a very long day and a large file.  In CINEMA 4D using Mograph, it would be five minutes and the file would be significantly smaller by comparison. 


Having said that, I would build everything else in VW's and send to C4D.



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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee


A little known fact is that if you insert a Renderworks Spotlight light object, you can apply any texture to it via the render tab in the OIP. This could be roof tiles, bricks, or a gobo! They will be projected like the bricks below. Sometimes like in theatre it is easier to fake it. 


Enc is a file with one made as a symbol and arrayed to quickly visualise a scene without using lighting devices.



Screenshot 2023-10-21 at 3.49.02 pm.png





Renderworks lights.vwx






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