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Dynamic Text in hoist 2D view


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I'm attempting to integrate some data-tag style dynamic text in my 2D component of the Hoist Plug-in. Is this possible without breaking the plugin?


Alternately, can I assign a data tag to a symbol similarly to how we can link a record in the resource browser, so that it is placed by default?



Ultimately I'm trying to simplify the process of displaying more than just the BW supplied data found in the plugin's "Show ID label".


Any thoughts on the best way to achieve this? 

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IMO data tags are best, at least in my experience. Sometimes hoists are close together, and it's easy to just replace the data tag style for one that shows the information above/below/right/whatever so two can co-exist close together without text clashing.


I would really like if hoists could be inserted with our 'default' data tag pre-attached, though.

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I am wondering if we are on the same quest.


REALLY wishful to get the default hoist icon to show a control cable length....or other piece of data.

Is that what this question was? Have you found a solution/hack/workaround????

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Look into data tags, they're very powerful and is the solution you're looking for. 

I made my own, it's not terribly difficult if you reverse engineer one of the existing ones. They will show any data that is available in the hoist record, or custom records attached to the symbol, depending on how you're set up. 

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