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  1. Hey Justin, Adding truss pickups and wraps seems like a rabbit hole unto itself. After all these years I still seem to regularly come across some crazy trick to do a thing with a specific sling ūüôā Is there a timeline to add 520mm/20.5" truss wraps as a symbol? Sub-question...how about the ability to offset the hoist via the resource manager for truss other than 290mm/400mm? Would also be nice to call out the length of sling used. Lengths vary regionally across the globe. I do like the hybrid window when viewed in top/plan, but again, it needs to include a length callout, imho. Any feedback is warmly received.
  2. Curious, based on these screenshots and the requests for specific and accurate dimensions.... Is it common practice to engage all 4 chords on prerig truss with no bracing on the bottom (or top if inverted) face?
  3. Anyone actively modeling ground support structures using Braceworks? This thread seems a few years dead, but this is invariably a timeless question!
  4. Great share. Thanks for posting this. I am 2 thumbs up for any online Braceworks resources :)
  5. Hey Justin, TY for taking the time. So I discovered screencasting...lol. Went to make my first video to share, then dollars to donuts I was able to rotate as I recorded. Now my remaining issue seems to be establishing the linkbar as a structural connection. Linked below is my video to illustrate that. Any guidance? https://www.dropbox.com/s/6v7lqilx5y41ztr/2019-05-24 12-53-22.mp4?dl=0
  6. What is the trick to get all of these to connect? It seems to auto rotate the truss segments, not allowing me to connect while rotated. Is there a sweet spot to overlay the forkend connectors?
  7. Hey Klinzy, That worked perfectly. Many thanks. Flurry of new laptop, new desktop, poor license # discipline. Be well.
  8. Is there any accommodation in the works to allow me to use my Braceworks subscription on 2 machines? Not concurrently, not trying to have 2 people use 1 copy... Laptop/Desktop is a peanut butter and jelly combo to my life (and I would assume most of us.) I just got back to my home office as was very keen to geek out on my desktop...only to find the Braceworks workspace not available to my desktop. WOMP WOMP.
  9. Thank you very kindly. I will circle back with questions.
  10. Brand new user. I have searched and not found this topic. Apologies if a redundant thread. Are the Christie Lites Linkbars functional with Braceworks?


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