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Braceworks and Cables

Stefan B.

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I could not find much on this, but is it not strange that cables are so poorly implemented in braceworks?


If a cable runs on the ground not attached to a truss or anything for that matter, it throws an error "The Load is not connected", also, if you have a cable crossing from one truss to another, it gives the same error.


I have read in the forums that braceworks does not yet support the cable drops which also gives an error, but would it not be easy to have an OPTION to say that every load not connected to a rigging object is not included in calculations? Instead, give warnings on loads connected to a rigging object with setting not included in calculations?


As one may have a huge amount of loads standing on the ground that you don't want braceworks to handle, but very few objects connected to a truss that you also don't want braceworks to handle.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

The 'Load is not attached messages refers to the part of the cable run not directly on the truss or pipe and are warning messages not error messages since they will not prevent the Braceworks calculation. The part of the cabel drectly on the turss or pipe will be inclued in the calculation.

I agree that it is not ideal that the weight of any cable dropping to the ground is not included in the calculation, this is on the list of needed improvements but I'm not sure of when it will be dealt with.
Currently the workflow is to add a point load where the cable drops from the truss to represent the weight of cable hanging down. This is also what should be done for cable pick hoists

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