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Christie B-Type rolled 45 degrees symbol


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Looking for guidance on generating B-type truss rolled 45 degrees (hanging on a diamond), with a valid 2d simplified class as seen when hung traditionally. 


I experimented with editing the truss symbol and rolling the truss, with the intent to then generate a new 2D plan view with text but this completely breaks the truss plugin. 


Any tips?



While I do have load charts for this, I don't really care if it still has braceworks functionality, but I would still like to be able to show a simplified 2D symbol for my build sheets. 




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@WoodCan you provide any sort of photo to show what you mean by diamond? I can think of two different orientations with one of them working like a traditional truss symbol and the other not functioning properly at all. I want to make sure that I provide the correct tips as I originally setup that Christie Type B when it was released in the software. If it is the way I am thinking it should be as simple as rolling the 3D component of the symbol making sure to maintain the Z=0 insertion point and then redraw the 2D component to match the new orientation.

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Justin- I recognize your initials from the record!


Looking at the truss longitudinally, instead of a square with all diagonals parallel with or perpendicular to the ground, it is rotated on that axis 45 degrees. Achieved by typing 45 into the roll field of the OIP

I tried what you describe, and it broke the symbol. I can use the truss functionality within VW as is, but it will only display the 3D hidden line in plan view instead of the simplified rectangle block of course. 


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rightklick on the Trusssymbol in ressource manager, edit 3D, then rotate 3D geometry 45°.


The attached screenshot show the symbol in Top Plan view and in 3D view.


That's the Top Plan View after regenerating the 2D view of the symbol out of the "new" 3D object orientation.



By the way: could you send me the load charts for this diamond configuration?

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@Wood I have attached a VWX file for you in VW2023 format that has the straight pieces of Christie Type B rotated to diagonal. I did a quick and dirty 2D as well and if you need anything more you should be able to reverse engineer what I did with all the geometry and magnets to get things to connect.

Christie Type B Diagonal.vwx

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