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How to edit revision number?

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I have a set of drawing where five or six sheets disn't get the initial revision number.

I tried to add it in the Title Block Manager, but it came in at the end.




I tried to figure out how to drag it into the proper position in the Title Block Border Setting (or to sort by date) but nothing seems to work to move revisions after they are created.

How do you edit them without deleting them all and recreating?


Hopefully I'm missing the obvious.



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There is work around if you just want to make all sheets to have the same history and that is to erase title block from sheets that need updating and copy paste title block from a sheet that has the full rev history. Not ideal but much faster than retyping.

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this is not intuitive, the revision is a record that is listed as part of the particular sheet in TBM, in reality this record is tied to a specific TB only - you can erase or replace all title blocks (with a newer or different version) and the revisions will not show up in new title block but they will be still present in TBM but no longer connected to TB.


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