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Total weight on a house beam

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I am working on a project that requires the need to know the weight supported on house beams(s)

I know i can just do the math of the multiple points ,but am looking for something a little more dynamic (being able to recalculate if weights change)

I need the report to be in pounds

Jeff Miller

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

You can do this with a report
You'll need to give all house rigging points on the beam the same Name but different ID's after you run your first Braceworks calculation for the file,
Next create a report and set the basic criteria to 'object type' house rigging point, and in the advanced criteria use field value>house rigging point>name and enter the name of the house rigging point on the beam.
in the report set it to the ID and force Z columns

This will give you a report displaying the force acting on each rigging point

in one of the cells below the database part of the report enter the following formula to convert the newtons into Kg (if you are using pound force adjust dividing B2 accordinly)

(The formula assumes that column 2 is the force Z column)

When ever the weights change or a new Brceworks calculation is performed just recalculate the worksheet and it will update




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