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page order in publish command

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I know this was discussed before, is there a way to add/reveal page numbering in "publish" set? The issue here is that unless I include number in the sheet title I have to print list of drawings and then manually arrange set to be published.

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thanks, something else, this manual dragging would be ok if I could see the page number which is part of the title block - 1 of 22, 2 of 22, etc, even better gif there was a column in "publish set" that shows the page number from title block, then in one click I could have entire set ready for publishing.

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I think you need to post that to the Wish List forum. I don't know of a way to do what you want. Best work around might be a worksheet showing the title blocks with sheet names (which do show in the publish dialog box) and the page numbers so you would have an easier way to refer to when you are dragging the order and selecting which sheets to add.

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right, that is what I thought, now we include numbers in the sheet name which is a manual redo of automatic page numbering but allows to order publish sets with one click which is faster than manual ordering, I will post this in the Wish List

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