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Splitting a 3d object

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What I'm trying to do is split a rectangular prism into 2 sections whose lengths add up to that of the original object. Using the Project Split on a line across the top face of the prism does this, but I am left with a group of individual faces, not two solid objects. I tried using the section solids command in the model menu using a 2d rectangle intersecting the prism, and this works better because it leaves the prism intact instead of separating it into individual faces, but this deletes the other half of the object I'm trying to split. Is there a way to split a 3d solid into two sections without deleting half of it or ending up with a group of faces?

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Starting with the top image I try using the snip tool along the line in the second image. Object turns red, but nothing happens. I also tried using the project snip tool using a line that crosses all the way over the object with the same results. I attached a screenshot of the entire object for context.

Currently using VW 2023 SP5





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I am still not understanding.  It looks like you drew the overall object shape and extruded it. You now are trying to cut it up into the actual pieces to be used in fabrication.


That is what I am seeing in your first two images.  The first shows a single object. The second shows a split line between the vertical and horizontal pieces.


Can you post a file with the part you are trying to split?

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The easy way to do this is to use the solid subtraction method you have already used.

The trick is to copy the original object and the cutting object prior to subtracting.

You can then past in place the original plus cutting object and then just do an intersect instead.

This will leave you with both sides of the geometry as separate pieces without a lot of drama and insures a perfect match.

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