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Multiple Monitor Issues

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For many versions, Vectorworks seems unable to cope with palette locations on multiple monitor setups. We work on M2 Pro laptops with two external monitors (32" centre, 27" right). Everyone has an identical setup at our office and at their home. An example of the issue:

1. At the office, open Vectorworks and setup with main drawing window on centre monitor and palettes (tools, OIP, navigation, resource manager, script palettes) on right-hand monitor.
2. Quit Vectorworks at end of day.

3. Plug in at home, and open Vectorworks.

4. All palettes move back to centre monitor. In some cases, palettes have resized and have become undocked.


This is a frustrating and time consuming problem that all of our users face every day, often twice a day. I'd be happy to hear of a fix and/or a third-party utility that can restore palette locations. FYI - the "Save Palette Positions" command does nothing.




Vectorworks 2023, MBP M2 Pro, 64GB
1964 Ford Falcon 


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"save palette positions" works may be 1 in 10 times for me on many different OSX computers. However, I do have different set ups @ work, home and on the go. There should be an option to save particular sets just like workspaces independent of monitor set ups.

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I've had good luck using the app STAY for the issues you are describing. Once your display has all the palettes where you want them, STAY can save and restore those locations. For example, let's say all the palettes shifted to the wrong display. You simply go up to the menu, click on "restore windows" on the STAY icon and all windows will return to where you wanted them. It's not perfect and does, on occasion, leave a palette behind  but that's a lot better than having to move all of them. Here's the website or it can be found in the App Store. I believe you can download for free and check it out first before buying ($15). Hope it helps.



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