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Selling 2 VW Landmark 2023 Version Licenses - $2300/each

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The number of licenses being sold is actually very low. There are nearly 1 million licenses of VW in use world wide. The numbers you are seeing here are a fraction of a percent.


There are a number of reasons for sales.


Some are firms that are downsizing and have extra licenses that they want to recover some money off of.

Some are people who are retiring.

Some are people who have switched jobs and are now with a firm that does not use VW.

Some are people who have switched careers and no longer need to be able to draw.

Some are people who tried VW and found it too simple or too complex for their needs

Some are people who are not willing to put in the effort to learn how to use VW properly.

Some are people who bought VW and just found they never used it.


Also, not that many of these that are being sold are older versions. Recent changes in the sales policy will reduce the value of those licenses in the future, so better to sell them now than to hold on to them as the value goes down.


My $0.02

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@Tom W. Maybe I phrased that badly. 😉


What I was thinking was users like the person today asking about modeling 100+ Acre sites what might have better options than Landmark. 


Or the person a few moths ago who was trying to model organic shapes for molded product design.


While VW can handle those jobs, there are other tools that are better at those things (more sophisticated/less simple) than VW.

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