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15 hours ago, mjm said:

OMG @Dave Donley: is it really really true Redshift now does Glow?858304921_Screenshot2023-01-11at2_48_17PM.thumb.png.37f044ac9a209b2b8d6b2f5f8c7c3c2a.png713499147_Screenshot2023-01-11at2_49_24PM.thumb.png.aba02633d9c79b88f1f6bbd10735daa5.png


Hello @mjm Yes Redshift has always done glow, it does not do area or line lights and glow is important as the alternative for area lighting.  Glow in Renderworks requires indirect lighting being on, I don't recall if Redshift requires some indirect lighting bounces to show glow; from memory I don't think it requires indirect lighting being used.  A lot of visual effects are part of a unified sampling system deep in the core of Redshift, blurry reflections, anti-aliasing of edges and textures, soft shadows, blurry transparency, indirect lighting are all samples of the scene and Redshift's relatively new unified error tolerance control we use for quality controls all of these visual features.  If you set sampling quality in the Redshift render style it controls this intelligent sampling in Redshift's core.


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