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Style Name (Symbol Name) in Graphics Legend


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I've been playing with the new graphics legend in vw2023 but I'm wondering if you can display the Style Name/Symbol Name of the Object you're displaying such as a door.  I may have a door style called "Door Int 32in Closets"  Can we make that show up in the Cell for each door, window, etc?

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Yes, You can put almost anything you want about an object in using Dynamic Text.


Click the Edit Cell Layout button in the OIP and add a placeholder text block where you want the Style name to go. Select the text and in the OIP check the Use Dynamic Text button and click the Define Graphic Legend Field button.


In the Define Dynamic Text dialog box, choose Object Function in the top pull down, choose Object Style Name from the next down and then click the Add to Definition button and the OP button. Click the Close Graphic Legend Cell Layout button at the top right.



You should now have the Style Name showing in your legend.


You can do something similar for Symbol Name. #SYMBOL#.


If you have objects in the same legend with some Symbols and some Styles, you have two options.


1. You can use IF functions [I recommend the #WS_IF( )# version] if you can determine which the object is and the display the proper value.

2. If you know nothing will ever be a Symbol AND a Style at the same type, you can just put two placeholder text blocks in the same place (Make one longer and send to back so you can easily select them) and set one to show Style and one to show SymName. Since only one will have a value at a time it will display properly.


HTH. Ask again if you need more detail.

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Is it possible to use dynamic text to pull in the name of the Tile applied to objects by a data (or how to object currently looks when that look is through the use of a data viz applied tile) in a graphic legend? If I am not using an object that uses styles, how do I pull in the name of what that object is in the legend if I can't pull in the name of the applied tile? In the supplied file I can get the name I want by pulling the class name + a field name. How would you recommend we approach this? a different method? only use record fields? Trying to switch to using more data viz graphics then class controlled graphics.


Thank you


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Sorry for the delay. This is pretty easy to do using a Worksheet Function. In the Data Tag Field dialog box. Choose Worksheet Function. Choose Tile Fill in the Function dropdown menu. Click eh Add to Definition button and the OK button and you should now have a field in your Data Tag showing the name of the Tile pattern used for the fill.



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