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Datavisulization Legend


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Hello,  First I haven't found a forum board devoted to Datavisualization , so Feel free to move it to the right board if it need.


I have few datavisualization recorded for some stuff I always use (truss and fixture)

Here is for eaxample the data vis for truss length I have in warehouse 



I'm looking for an "automatic"  way for only trusses in the project or even better in the vewport appear in the data vis legend  ...







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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Hi Ben,


Data Vis cannot be constrained to only the objects in a viewport (as far as I know).

I believe Graphic Legends will enable you to list only the truss items used in a specific viewport.

You won't be able to control colours but you can use classes to automatically colour truss objects.

In the spotlight settings you can get the class field to populate based on name or type (1st Pic).

Then you can apply colours via classes (Pic 2). NB I had to ungroup HP's and select existing truss objects to remind them to set attributes by class.


Then place a graphic legend on the sheet.

Screenshot 2022-12-13 at 10.38.50.png

Screenshot 2022-12-13 at 10.42.06.png

Screenshot 2022-12-13 at 10.42.42.png

Screenshot 2022-12-13 at 10.46.13.png

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hello thanks,

graphic legend is new in v2023 ?

I ll have a look 😉


but here is what i want

with datavis I can activate it or deactivate. can I do the same with auto color for truss ? 

i want that  all the color are the same (for same elt) in all files 

for now , i have template with all truss elt I often use ( classed by length or angle) each with different graphical attributes.

I ve edited all the truss symbol I ve in my warehouse , , the  the truss elt name is on one classe I talked earlier , with pen in black ang color for fill, so i can activate or

 deactivate they truss color name classes, and for more visibilty I have datavis with same color i can activate or deactivate but this time it color all the truss geometry  .


I hope I can do the same with your method 😉 i ll try it next week 





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On 12/14/2022 at 3:47 PM, TomWhiteLight said:

The classes would be permanently that colour.


However, it is possible to colour truss objects in a viewport by simply overriding the class in the viewport settings OIP menu.


Hello I just tried, and that works, but as the opposite way as I work now

Now I have

color palette with color for different truss length and angle (doesn't matter of the truss section)

class by truss length and angle 

truss symbol with attribut for geometry and simple view from 2d component 

fill from truss name in Truss label from class 

And same color as class in datavis








If I use " classes to automatically colour truss objects" 

I must have prerecorded classes for truss name with color attribut inside , the truss will always have the classe color and graphic legend will report that color 

and if I want  the symbol in other color I must use Datavis...

So it works but I will often use data vis in order to don't have to much color when I'm working ...


I ve question about graphic legend : is it possible, as for lighting legend, to show count column ? (may I'v to create a new topic 😉 )



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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

So for Graphic Legends to include counts, yes they can do this. You need to edit the cell layout and place some text, then check dynamic text in OIP and then choose the count field.

Screenshot attached.


Screenshot 2023-01-03 at 10.25.27.png

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