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Insert Connection on Angled Truss


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Is there a way to insert a connection between a Pipe and an ANGLED truss?


I have several raked trusses in my plan and have pipes sat accross them horizontally at 90 degrees for lights to out rig from. I would (obviously) like to connect these to the truss for load calculations however when trying to use the insert connection tool i get the error "Tilted rigging objects can't be stacked"

I can use the insert drop tool however thats not how the pipes are being attached.


My annoying work around is to group the pipe and lights together (for easy selection) and putting an equivelent point load on the truss but i have to remember to deselect the groups when performing calculations (slightly tedious when there's 12 of these spread out through the drawing)




Angled Truss 1.PNG

Angled Truss 2.PNG

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