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Pathway Site Modifier Tool

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I was just starting to play around with the Pathway modifier tool.

It's really nice to be able to easily control elevations and profiles!


My question - what would be the workflow to get a surface to follow this Pathway Tools grade modifications?



What I've done:

   I created a path.

   I added a couple more vertexes to better control the grade.

   I adjusted the start and end grade to match my hardscapes on either end.

   Now I have a really nice, graded slope - but I don't have a graphic representation for the path.

In the teaser video "site grading improvements" they effortlessly switch from the site modifiers to hardscapes in a screen fade...

I did "edit path" and copy the poly line - 


I'm thinking a landscape area would auto adjust vertically if I linked it to the site model.

But it won't change if I alter the pathway laterally.


Thoughts on this?


When will we be getting a "university" course in best practices for all the new site modeling tools?


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