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Callout Tool Text Scale In Symbols

Rolan Castaneda


Currently running v2023 on a M1 MacbookPro with Monterey.  This was not a problem in v2022.


I’m having trouble with the Callout Tool scale of the text.  We have made a library of standard details (saved as symbols), and details needed for each project have been inserted at the correct scale on the correct Design Layer with that scale.  However, when opening a project, the size of the text does not scale properly any longer.  After I fix them, I’ll save the project and close.  When I open it back up, the scale of the text is wrong again.  If I convert the detail (symbol) to a group, the problem goes away.  But I don't want to convert all my standard details to groups. This was not a problem in v2022 and earlier for me.  Please help.



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Hi Roland,

I have been having the exact issue as well. It started with 2023 and has continued through SP1 and SP2. My setup is similar to yours, v2023, MacBook Pro, M1 Max chip, Mac Ventura 13.0.1. For myself nearly all of my details become unreadable as the callouts get huge. See attached, left image is before and right image is after. I too have found the workaround is to ungroup any symbol but this results in the loss of the symbol functionality. Sorry to say but I am glad you reached out, at least this is not a singular case. 


Anyone out there who has some suggestions?


Symbol Callout Test Image.jpg

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I have a similar problem, but with the text appearing condensed horizontally, like in the opening of the The Matrix, in all the detail symbols in a file. However, when I edit the symbol and one of the misbehaving callouts, adjust its font size, for example, all the callouts correct themselves, not only in the particular symbol, but in all symbols in the file. Then when I reopen the file it's fixed. However, it's doesn't always stay fixed.

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