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  1. Hi. Is there a way to generate a report of PIOs in a file that are not on a design layer? The report tool seems limited to reporting PIO instances, ones actually placed on a layer. In particular, I have a file of hundreds of imported plant symbols and I want a report of these without having to place each one on a design layer. The report should look like a plant schedule with its typical fields. Thanks.
  2. Great help! Thanks?just create a symbol that embodies all your classes in a source file and reference to that. Brilliant. M.
  3. Well, that's not referencing, that's just importing. Hum . . . I guess this is something to add to the Wish List. Thanks for your response, though. M.
  4. In v2011, is there a way to have classes referenced to or from a single source file. Workgroup Referencing seems to work only with layers, symbols, and viewports. It sure would be useful to have a class standard that is the source for all other classes in other files?with the option to customize the class definition in a working file. Of course, class standards are available when you create a new class, but that's not the same thing as referencing.
  5. I am using VW12.5. You're probably right about the same shortcuts, which makes sense. Thanks!
  6. I am creating keyboard diagrams for the the Standard and Classic as well as Architect and Classic Architect workspaces. Does anyone know what the difference is between the Standard and Classic workspaces? I imagine the shortcut keys may be the same between Standard and Architect, the only difference being added tools and menu items available to the latter, but I don't know. I am hoping there's a simple answer, otherwise I will have to check each workspace, tool by tool, menu by menu, to note differences?very time consuming! I will make my diagrams available once done. Thanks!


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