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Symbol scale factors

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Hi VW-User,




Unfortunately, I do not have any experience with scripts yet.

I have an idea, but do not know if it is possible to achieve.


Often I use symbols with 1 x 1 x 1 cm, in plan I scale these

symbol-instances to my needed size.


The plan was to get the scaled size into worksheet-reports,

but in worksheets, the symbols are reported without my custom scale-factors.

All scaled symbols are 1 x 1 x 1 cm in my reporting.


For symbols as objects, there are no formulas or other functions to get directly

information into worksheets.


Now I want to know if it is possible to get the “scale factors” for x, y and z (each

separately as own script) with scripts, so that I can use it with “run script” in my

worksheets to get accurate reports.


/ / / 


It would be great, if we can get functions and formulas for symbol reporting

in worksheets directly, without the need of a script.


Greetings from Germany










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To add to @Pat Stanford's reply, 

ObjVar 101 has an integer value of 1=None, 2=Symmetric, or 3=Asymmetric.

ObjVars 102-104 are the XY&Z scaling factors (Real).


If ObjVar 101 = 1 (None) then the XY&Z scaling factors = 1.

If ObjVar 101 = 2 (Symmetric) then the Y&Z scaling factors = the X Scaling factor.

Only when ObjVar 101 = 3 (Asymmetric) do you need to read all two, or three, scaling factors. (X&Y for 2D Symbols, and XY&Z for 3D symbols).



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Interesting that the online Appendix G is so much shorter than the installed version.


In you Applications folder Vectorworks 2021:VWHelp:Script Reference:ScriptFunctionReference.html you will find "All" of the Vectorscript documentation.


Click on Additional References at the upper left and then on Script Appendix.  There is a fuller version of Appendix G there.



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On 11/3/2022 at 6:10 PM, Pat Stanford said:

I used the worksheet equivalent and get funky numbers. Positive and negative hundreds of millions. If it weren't for the negative I would think it was returning the LongInt equivalent of a Handle.



That's what I like about you @Pat Stanford, you always show me something I wasn't expecting. After looking at it your way, I'd agree  —  it's a BUG. It should be returning a very small integer.





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