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Feature service seems to have an unwanted request limit of 2000 objects



When using the feature service to get GIS geometry I noticed a request limit of 2000 objects. When I want to download the 'DKKv4 - Kadastrale Grens' feature service from ArcGIS online, that's the dutch parcel property lines, a lot of geometry isn't being downloaded. This feature service contains a lot of lines so when I zoom out by only a little bit the 2000 limit will be reached. Making this feature not workable.

In Qgis using the 'PDOK services plugin' downloading from exactly the same source doesn't seem to be a problem.


I've tried other sources like for example the 'BGT - wegdeel' feature service from ArcGIS online. When I zoom out a bit I'm also getting the 2000 objects limit. So it seems that it is not a problem of the source but a limit of Vectorworks?


Ping @iborisov Do you know about this limit? Is there a workaround?


I'm using VW2022 since version 2023 hasn't been released here. 




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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Hi @MarcelP102


Yes, the number of features that can draw at one time from a hosted feature service is determined by setting the maximum number of records returned by the server, also known as the Max Record Count. The Max Record Count determines the number of features that can be returned from the service at one time.


After C/L 661250 there is a dialog informing the user that features in the requested extent is more than the maximum allowed.


You can see more info here: 

Max Record Count.jpg

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Hi @iborisov a warning is nice. But perhaps you could make use of the '&startIndex' parameter. See here: https://gis.stackexchange.com/questions/430493/how-to-get-all-records-if-wfs-output-limited-to-1000


From what I understand most GIS applications use this by default to get around the limitation. That's properly why it's not an issue for me to load the same source completely in Qgis. See attachment. Would be nice if VW recognize by itself that the limit has been reached and use the startIndex function to load the remaining data.

Kadaster example.zip

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Hi @iborisov Designexpress (our local reseller of Vectorworks) has reached out to Esri. They told us you can program to first ask how many features there are in the 'area view'. And then load all the features in batches of 2000 until all features are returned. Also see here: https://developers.arcgis.com/rest/services-reference/enterprise/query-feature-service-layer-.htm 


We hope this can be implanted by a service pack. Right now the VW GIS feature is unreliable because you are never sure if all the features are download. We really want to skip QGIS and do all the GIS work in VW. This is the only thing that's holding us down for now.


Thanks in advance

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