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Found 7 results

  1. mjm

    Quiet Crash

    So twice now VWX 2024 has locked up - no sign of that except no part of the UI is responsive. This occurred when I tried to copy/paste two audio symbols from one '24 dwg to a fresh one. The app threw up a 'no data record for that symbol' after which clicking ok the whole thing froze. And of course neither time did I save the new untitled document, so there's no autosave file to refer back to for work completed. yay
  2. In Vectorworks 2019 SP0 if I insert an instrument summary and apply the custom options prompted when you first use the tool and then go back to the tool and click the "instrument summary tool preferences" button next to the mode choices I get the spinning beachball of death and Vectorworks stops responding and I have to force quit. Attached is a file I can repeat the problem in 100%. Is anyone else having this problem or can replicate with a blank file or the attached file? 2019 SP0 Instrument Summary BUG.vwx
  3. The feeder cable tool is freezing the application and it is not responding. Although, unlike the other dozen times I have had to force quit for this and editing LED walls or placing position summaries, NO BEACHBALL! Still had to force quit. Didn't have to look at a beachball while wondering how much work I lost this time. Can someone please shed some light on how to get 2019 to work faster and lock up less? I feel like every single action takes too long.
  4. Anyone else having problems with VWX 2018 loading? If I am not connected to the internet, it takes over 10min to load if it loads. Most the time it just freezes my computer and I have to force quit the program. I never had this problem with any of the previous version of VWX. This is very frustrating when you are on site or traveling and do not have internet but need to get work done. Is this happening to anyone else? I am also having the problem when I am online, just not as often as when my computer is not connected to the internet. Currently trying to open it on my laptop and connected to the internet. Had to force quit 3 times so far. Takes a while to load workspace and libraries and then stops on checking activation and sits there for 5+min. Sometime it continues, other times it just stops and I have to force quit. I am really hoping this is just a bug and is something that can be fixed. Using Macbook pro 15" Mid2012 2.6ghz core i7 8 gb ram on High Sierra
  5. I have a brand-new iMac Pro at work. We migrated everything from my old machine to the new. I deleted all copies of Vectorworks and reinstalled from the latest releases fresh. VW2018 is working just fine, but VW2017 cannot seem to interact with the Finder, or whatever controls file opening processes. If I try to open a file, the program and the whole machine freezes completely. If by a miracle I get a file open (by dragging a file from the Finder to the application icon in the Dock), then I'm faced with being unable to even browse for resources in another file. (I'm assuming such action means the program is trying to open the file behind the scenes before it can display its resources -- hence my suspicion of VW/Finder interaction problem.) I have run Onyx and fixed permissions. Saving a file, once I'm in and have made changes, goes smoothly. Backups happen smoothly. It appears to be the reading of files that's scrambling the program's brains. Does anybody have a cue what is happening and how to fix it? Cris Dopher CAD Administrator George P Johnson, Inc
  6. JYA

    Site Model

    Hi there, I'm having a problem generating a section containing a site model as well as other layers where the building is modelled. Every time I update the section viewport with the site model layer turned on, Vectorworks will take a long time to load, eventually it will freeze and stop responding. The site model was generated from information provided from a surveyor, the model is large and complex and contains a lot of information. Is there a way simplify the model? I have tried to changing the 3D view of the model to triangulated geometries, and reducing contours so it only shows contours every 2m, rather than 250mm. Is there anything else I can do to simplify the model? Or is there anything else I can do to solve this dilemma? Thank you for your advice in advance! J
  7. Freezes cursor for many seconds on My Mac Pro here. Graphic settings default to "Performance", Top Plan View, Empty blank File; BTW Honestly I'm still using 10.11.6 (not 10.12)
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