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Found 9 results

  1. I can't get my camermatch to work. It's always way off no matter how I put my reference lines. I've tried multiple reference marks and lots of different placements of the reference lines and I can't get it anywhere close. Is it just me or is something strange going on? CMA_Cameramatch.vwx
  2. Hi, I hope someone can help me with this problem. Using Camera Match to put a model in my aerial picture I get nice renderings from Camera match only if I use rendering mode Shaded for the final rendering. se picture 1 below. If I tel Camera match object to render in any rendtrworks mode for example , Fast rendtrworks, I get a black picture bakgrund with no model in it and no background picture. Only the Camera Match Mask items and Camera Match Shadows are visible in the rendering. se picture 2 below. Is there some on that can help me with what I am doing wrong. I am on VW 2022 designer. Regards Mikael
  3. So I've been floundering with this task for awhile now. I need a workflow where I can match a photo of an existing site with a site modeled in Vectorworks. I've got a situation where I want to achieve a camera match, but I do not have a strong, boxy, existing built object with which to get a good 3 point perspective. I'm trying to get a photo as a background for use in a renderworks camera, and have transparent landscape objects, so I can adjust the camera and get a reasonable match. I know my approximate camera position relative to the site and I know what the lens focal length is. I just need to tweak my position and when the camera is looking. Thanks, Rudy Beuc
  4. I wish there were more camera match workflow options than the current 3 point perspective with control lines. I wish there was a way to place a camera in the spot where I took a photo, lock the renderworks camera lens focal length to the one I knew the photo was shot with, place the photon in the background of the camera view while in wireframe, and then be able to adjust the camera position to match up with the background photo. I also wish there was a camera match option that used known points in space to align the renderworks camera. Currently I'm working on a large unbuilt suburban site. There is one building on a part of the site with which I have been able to use the camera match object successfully. Having these other options would allow me to line up photos for decent before and after views. Thanks, Rudy Beuc
  5. Getting this error: "the photo printed width and height are too large for vectorworks to create a perspective view. please set them to a size smaller than .351" wide x .234" high. then try again." If I do that, then the image is really really small. Any ideas here?
  6. Ive got a 3d model im working on in VWX 2014 architect. I want to insert the model into the photo of the street scape. Ive had a look online and found some videos on youtube for a plugin called Camera Match previous made by PanzerCad which is now part of Vectorworks. But i couldnt find any details on how to get the Camera Match feature to work inside of VWX natively. Any ideas ?
  7. I think it would be handy to be able to give lengths to multiple control lines in the camera match tool. Would that not help set the scale and perspective?
  8. I'm just getting familiar with the new camera match tools and have successfully set up some street level views. What I need help with is matching an aerial view I captured from Google Earth, which shows my site and the surrounding context fairly well. I've been able to set up the red and green vanishing points but when it comes to the vertical blue axis it asks me to flip red and green and gives me an upside down view. Does camera match always assume the vertical vanishing point is above the horizon? Any tips or tricks? Being able to do this would be really useful when working drone photography too. The attachment shows the image I'm working with. The site is the parking lot in the middle.
  9. Just watching a Novedge webinar on the Camera match tool for VW2017. It is supposed to be found under the view menu heading but not on my machine? There is a Camera match mask tool and shadow tool listed under new tools but not the Camera match reference tool. Any ideas?
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